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"The Cetaphil Experience 2016" - 6 Part Digital Series

"The Cetaphil Experience 2016" is a 6 part digital series produced by Bonsey Jaden for Cetaphil as part of their marketing campaign.

The aim of the experience was to provide bloggers and influencers with the opportunity to connect with each other in a fun and educational environment.

We shot on location in Bali, Indonesia, utilising local suppliers and crew. As Digital Producer, I oversaw the hiring of crew, location scouting, scheduling, and on-set producing and directing of of one of our two shooting crews.

For all videos in the series see the official Cetaphil Youtube Channel

The Cetaphil Experience 2016 won Bronze for "Best Use of Bloggers/Influencers" in the Marketing PR Awards 2017 for South-East Asia.